How to Photograph Covered Bridges

January 14, 2018

Presented by: Monty & Cori Montalvo @


Did you know that over thirty states have covered bridges? We didn’t either until we visited the northeast and did some research on covered bridges! In a month Cori and I visited New Hampshire and Vermont and photographed over 100 bridges. You can see a few of the photos on our site…  We will have a featured gallery in the near future of covered brides and will show most of them.



Some bridges are remote. Make sure you have plenty of water, check the weather/ dress appropriately and bring snacks. Being thirsty, cold/hot or hungry will take away from your enjoyment (Believe me…. been there, done that!!!).



Before you go, do your homework… print a map with the bridge locations. There are websites like that will give you a very comprehensive map with actual addresses of the bridges. This will allow you to maximize your trip and not miss a bridge that would have taken you only a few extra minutes to get there.




When you get there, take a minute to look at the bridge. Enjoy and marvel at the creation. These bridges are a work of art and engineering and should be enjoyed! Also, look at the different angles to take your photo… do you have access from the water, how is traffic, can you walk safely through it (some have walkways, but most don’t), where is the sun, how is the light, etc…



Visualize your shot and don’t be shy.


Tip: wide shots will yield a better result… Look at these two photographs…


The photograph on the left will allow you to crop it to yield a desired effect based on the project you are working on. The photo on the right is very restrictive on what you can do with it. While both are good, you usually would want flexibility on how to manipulate it once you have it in your computer.


Look at taking photos from the water’s edge. It may not be easy, but really worth it. Look at the effect of the bridge from the water’s edge and its reflection on this photograph…



Some of the bridges are on private property. Know before you go! Most owners are not bothered by your visit and are actually proud to have you photograph their bridge. Just be respectful of their property, be quiet and do not trample on their flowers or decorations around the bridge.


If you would like more information or tips, contact us at or visit our website:


Happy Photography!!!


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